A fancy word often used to express extreme…

Sprint retrospectives

The magical two words that start intense discussions and arguments on what and how to manage your team retrospectives that range from tools to techniques.

The important part, though, is always missed in these discussions — how to ensure that the impediments discovered or reported by the team gets resolved…

Ever since I came across types in , as in “”, I have been hooked to them!

The idea of “” so intrigued me that the intrigue actually helped me in understanding generics as implemented in , for me, has the best implemented generics among all the…

by Ravichandran JV

Proprietary claims have a huge influence over how governance and politics shapes up in a country. Consequently, it could be logical to assume that the more creative, innovative and productive a country is, the more patenting there will be to defend and stake claims over! But having…

Ravichandran JV

I am an Agile software professional/architect/consultant/coach. I like listening to music, watching English movies/plays, playing chess & reading.

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